This article really hit home for me. I’m 110 days sober today, so a little over 3 and a half months, and I went vegan about a month ago. I’d also dabbled in plant based before hand but then moved to a different country and just got back into having more meat on my plate and less vegetables. When I got sober I suddenly had a lot more time to read and watch movies. So I started by just watching crappy series on Netflix, but then slowly got tired of that and started exploring some documentaries in stuff I was interested in, like nutrition. I came across a few inspiring documentaries (like Game Changers) and then wanted more information so I started reading books on the subject. I soon went full vegan and very happy I did. I did it more consciously than the last time I tried plant based and cut things out little by little and added in supplements. So far, I’m feeling great. And I love the part you said about already being socially weird since we aren’t drinking, so why not be vegan also!

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